Atlantic City Tax Appeal Lawyer

As you may know, New Jersey property owners pay some of the highest property taxes in the Country. This is true even though the value of many residential properties in this State have declined since the Great Recession began.  To make matters worse, in many instances, property taxes have increased while the fair market value of the property has decreased. This is particularly true in Atlantic City.  Fortunately, you have a right to appeal your property taxes every year and take control of your tax burden. Consider these facts before missing an opportunity to appeal your assessment:

  • Since 2013 over 5,000 residential Atlantic City property owners like yourself have appealed their assessment and they have lowered their annual taxes by over 14 million dollars.
  • Our firm has successfully helped over 1,000 taxpayers lower their taxes in Atlantic City.
  • We can work on a contingency basis, meaning you pay no upfront legal costs. You only pay a fee if we successfully reduce your taxes.
  • Signing up is as easy as clicking This Link and entering the Online ID from the Letter or Postcard you received in the mail.

The attorneys at Spiotti & Esposito have significant experience working with residential taxpayers to help lower their property taxes.  We have worked with owners of single family homes, townhouses and condos.  Our attorneys are very familiar with the procedures necessary to successfully appeal an assessment at the Atlantic County Tax Board.

If you are ready to signup now please click here to enter your online ID and have the law firm appeal your assessment before the April 1 filing deadline. If you have any further questions you may call us at 973-396-4444 or email