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Paterson Revaluation

As you may know, Paterson conducted a municipal wide revaluation for tax year 2015.  A revaluation is a mass appraisal that is supposed to assign true market value to each parcel in the Municipality. Because of the enormous scope of the assignment, a revaluation is susceptible to errors.  Therefore it is critical for all property […]

A rose by any other name . . .

Case Caption: Respond, Inc. v. City of Camden, Tax Court Dkt. Nos. 016282-2012 et al. (DeAlmeida, P. J.T.C., decided May 20, 2013) The central issue in this case is the misclassification of approximately thirteen tax-exempt properties owned by Respond, Inc.  For most people, the tax-exempt designation of their property is ancillary to the primary objection, which […]